Methodology - Control

A control and quality measurement system is incorporated. The following processes can be highlighted:
Prior establishment of checkpoints and monitoring of the critical elements of the development system referring in all cases both to the resources (human and material) and to the artifacts that are constructed (as objective and as support).
Incorporating the client in the control system at high level.
Establishment of functional and use tests.
Periodic review of compliance with quality standards.
Review of implementation of the style of programming and writing code and compliance with established software architecture.
Using specific servers dedicated to development, integration and internal testing, and end user control.
Customer access, through the web, to the project status and to the artifacts that have been generated whether from the product itself, its development or the project management.
Implementation of product testing engineering by a specialized group.
Quality checks are conducted throughout the software life cycle. In particular, verification and validation checks are carried out.


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