A methodology will be used developed by the Noesis group, a result of the group's research and practical experience, which follows the general pattern of current methodologies with the guidance of so-called agile methodologies; i.e. it is
iterative (the general plan is established in the long term but the detailed plan is only firm in the short term),
adaptable, rather than predictive, i.e. the processes contemplate the possibility of change, including the evolution of the system,
controllable by versions,
focused on people, without forgetting that the project is the work plan, the processes are the activities under that plan, the product is what is built and the staff is those who build it and that the participation of the client is included in the process, in decisions, in tests ,...,
driven by the product class,
documentable under protocols and standards,
standardized, incorporating standard and control processes such as those relating to programming style, functional quality, usability, ...


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